Biometric Wall Safes – The FW-1814E

Protex Secure Co has not too long ago launched their new FW-1814Z biometric wall safes appropriate for private use in each the house and workplace. The FW-1814Z is constructed with all of the options of the extremely popular PWS-1814E housebreaking resistant wall safes. The key distinction between these two safes is the state-of-the-art fingerprint locking system utilized by the FW-1814Z. The PWS-1814E wall protected is provided with a digital keypad.

Fingerprint scanning for simple and fast entry

Constructed utilizing heavy responsibility gauge metal and with a door thickness of 5/8 inch shaped metal you possibly can relaxation simple realizing valuables, vital paperwork or weapons are protected in opposition to theft. A function in frequent to all biometric safes is ease of opening. Remembering combos, protecting keys hidden and in emergencies fumbling when opening the protected are not an issue. Biometric safes are opened by merely inserting a finger on the fingerprint reader slot and ready for the reader to acknowledge the fingerprints held within the reminiscence. On recognition of the fingerprints the Fw-1814z’s motorized locking bolt system will open the door mechanically. As a result of everybody has a singular fingerprint sample biometric safes use fingerprint recognition. Customers of the FW-1814Z can relaxation simple realizing that when the reader is touched solely they’ll crack the protected. As with all biometric safes, FW-1814Z is ready to register the fingerprints of a number of customers – thirty (30) completely different fingerprints may be enrolled within the wall safes reminiscence.

Weapons a fingertip away in emergencies

Conserving a gun at house or within the workplace is ok however weapons must be secured whereas on the identical time being accessible. Wall safes are excellent to be used as gunsafes and the FW-1814Z combines housebreaking safety with fast entry in emergencies. Within the house and workplace, biometric pistol safes maintain weapons safe; maintain weapons protected from inquisitive youngsters and at a fingertip away.

Scanner malfunctions; no downside

FW-1814Z secugen rd service registration safes require 4 AA batteries to energy the wall safes fingerprint reader. Within the occasion that the wall safes inside batteries die, or the fingerprint reader is malfunctioning, biometric safes are designed with various opening strategies. Equipped with FW-1814Z biometric safes is an emergency override key to be used if the scanner is just not studying your fingerprint. Alternatively, if the batteries die the equipped battery override field can be utilized to provide energy to the wall safes lock from the surface. Merely insert the jack of the Energy Override Battery Field within the biometric safes energy override gap and open the protected as regular.

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