How to Drink Cognac

First, it’s obligatory to decide on a correct wineglass. The specialists of cognac mixing suggest a tulip-shaped wineglass, however the low, spherical wineglass will probably be OK too. 20-25 ml of cognac pour into the wineglass and warmth in a palm for 8-10 minutes. For those who heat up the wineglass in one other method, for instance by burn-in lighter, all fragrant issues will evaporate.

Take the wineglass and … Have a look at the floor. The cognac colour can let you know a lot. For instance, the light-straw colour factors to younger cognacs, straw-yellow, amber, golden and auburn-red – to older. At all times have a look at the colour – it characterizes the age of cognac.

Then you must odor cognac. Put the nostril to the sting of the wineglass and inhale ” montant odors”. It is often floral or fruit odors: violets, iris, rose, pear, cherry, apricot, plum, fig, quince, grapefruit, jasmine, chestnut, orange zest, nut, or peach. Come off and shake up cognac, now carry the wineglass to the nostril once more, inhale …

Now you might be able to strive cognac. Make a small sip. The cognac will move and make you to estimate all complication and individuality. We drink cognac in a circle of shut buddies and in nice environment. Cognac completely combines with espresso (ideally with cognac XO), cigar (particular cigar cognac) and chocolate (ideally with cognac VSOP or XO).

There’s a nice number of methods drink cognac. Cognac is combined with soda water or tonic. There are some suggestions receive a wonderful aperitif wine:

use cognac VS or VSOP for mixing;

20 ml of cognac + 50-60 ml of tonic (or soda water) + items of ice;

combos of cognac with citric or orange juice are attainable.

Cognac is popularly used because the cocktails elementary:

use cognac VS or VSOP for mixing;

attainable combos with tonic, contemporary juice;

a drop of liquor or syrup;

shake up in a shaker, add items of ice.

The dictionary of the phrases used throughout tasting

Odor – all emotions outgoing from cognac.

Aroma – nice odor felt by a nostril.

Bouquet – number of odors and aromas combining in cognac.

Montant aroma – first odour, which the drink introduced to you.

Period – period of montant aroma.

Smack – really feel on the tip of tongue and palate.

Style – combination of steady emotions within the mouth (smack + aroma).

Termination – style, which stays on the palate, after ingesting cognac.

Rancio – an exposition of style, which belongs to very outdated cognacs matured in oak casks. It’s the visiting card of cognac as soon as tasted that inconceivable to overlook.

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